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  • Israel Travel Itinerary

    Israel Travel Itinerary

    I recently returned from a life changing trip to Israel. I had never been to the Middle East before, and it moved me in so many ways. As an American, my sense of culture and place isn't very deep rooted by comparison. My country [...]

  • What to Do in Bangkok

    What To Do in Bangkok

    Bangkok is a feast for the senses. The colors, the sounds, the smells are inspiring and full of possibility. Unlike the country excursions I went on in Chiang Mai, Bangkok is dense and intense and has everything you could want at your fingertips, from [...]

  • What to Do in Chiang Mai

    What to Do in Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai is in the north of Thailand, and was just listed as one of the friendliest cities in the world. I found this to be absolutely true, the hospitality was unlike anything I'd ever experienced, especially at the glorious 137 Pillars where I stayed [...]